Make That Money at Your Next Event!


Add commercials and video sponsorships to your sales packages, and you can actually make money on having us at your convention or conference!  If you’ve never sold video services before, we can help you set everything up. We can help determine video pricing, create a branded platform online for your videos to exist, and assist you in adding videos to your already existing sales packages. Or if you’d rather not sell the convention or conference videos yourself, we can do that for you, and set up a revenue sharing opportunity.


The two main kinds of videos that are sold are In-booth Interviews and Sponsor Videos which play at the hotel or in the lobby of the convention center. 

IN-Booth Interviews

The In-booth Interviews can feature any product or service your exhibitors would like to showcase. We’ll bring our professional video crew to them, complete with a professional on-camera host and discuss what they brought to this year’s convention or conference. Then we hand off the footage to our professional on-site editors and we have a finished video ready for them that same day. We’ve filmed these videos for a wide variety of companies, all the way from Lockheed Martin to small mom and pop businesses.  These videos will be hosted on your branded Youtube Channel and they can be shared with the exhibitors for release on their own social media platforms or websites. Having a relevant video presence online is essential in today’s business landscape. 

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Sponsor videos

The Sponsor Videos can be created in a variety of ways for display in hotels or in the lobby of the convention center. One of the most common ways of making these videos is to take your sponsors already existing commercials and create a video loop that will continue throughout the day, displaying their business, product or service for everyone to see. In addition, many conferences add their daily schedule of events to this video loop. We also have the option of posting the in-booth interviews in these loops as they are completed throughout the day!

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Let's Bring People Out!

Increase attendance at your next convention or conference by creating an engaging promotional video that connects with your industry-specific audience and gets everyone excited to sign up to exhibit and attend. We amp up the enthusiasm for your must-not-miss event!



Promotional Videos for Attendees target a specific audience and capture their attention with an exciting video that showcases your event. Watch attendees meet and greet, get to know others in their industry, meet potential clients, and increase business all around!

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Promotional Videos for Exhibitors show the value of exhibiting at your conference or convention and why it is so important! The interactions and handshakes that make being an exhibitor so rewarding. The ROI is of great value to exhibitors and their growing business. Here is where they engage and grow.

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Promotional Videos for a Target Sector can show how your conference or convention creates an atmosphere where professionals from a very specific field, can come together to construct new ideas and grow towards a greater goal. Many times conventions will add this video type when they are trying to expand or target a new area of their industry.

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Connection Beyond Your Event!

After your convention or conference is over, everyone goes home. But it doesn’t just end there. You can continue to engage with them throughout the year. We create videos for your attendees, exhibitors, and world-wide audience to engage with, year round, on your branded TV channel. This will help keep your event fresh in their mind all year long and ensure that they not only return, they bring all their friends and coworkers! Everyone can watch, learn, and share! They can experience that special moment one more time, hear those words of wisdom that they meant to write down, and learn more about their industry.  They get to engage, learn, and grow right along with you.


Did we mention video is great for SEO?!

Evergreen video content will increase your brand exposure and maximize search engine optimization to help your business lead the online presence in your industry. Consistent and relevant video content is one of the main drivers that search engines look for to determine how relevant you are in your industry. Let your audience do your SEO work for you, by providing them with engaging content that they can share throughout the industry. We'll help you reach out with exclusive videos that create an approachable, memorable, and educational experience. We want to help your convention, conference, or live event grow in a meaningful way!

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